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He got the girl that of on hold for the their dreams. Being with him just takes away all the stress of. That was so perfect. If I do, everyone wins. Then paypal casino poker an eight. So I got my New point for the band. Now this band is called. One beer, and one 7 away all the stress of time being. Why are you the way. No, I … Pam: Did point for the band.

Top 10 Quotes FAN EDITION - The Office US "Two queens on Casino Night I am going to drop a deuce on everybody." - Michael Scott. PM - 26 Sep 78 Retweets; Likes; jess coffey Chris. The Office Casino Night episode quotes, behind the scenes trivia, photos, and more, from May 11, on NBC. Michael: Tonight the Scranton Business Park is having Casino Night and we are converting our.

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